Italian Courses

Do you need to spend some time in Italy for work, study or travel? Do you want to speak Italian in a short time? Get prepared to fully live your experience by learning to communicate in Italian and discover important aspects of the cultural and social life in Italy.

Book now a free meeting with your teacher to define the goal you want to achieve and to find out what is the best language course for you. Thanks to dynamic lessons, engaging learning activities and the professional experience of a local mothertongue teacher you will be able to communicate efficiently in most situations.

Italian Routes Language Courses provide a personalised and clear didactic study plan that allows you to reach the level desired and the objective set out to achieve. Different methods appeal to different people that is why we focus on finding the right methodology according to your way of learning. Moreover, the programme is developed in relation to your needs and interests so that you will progress very easily and succesfully enjoying discussing in Italian your favourite topics.

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  • Enjoy your free trial lesson with me, Vittoria, your teacher. Together we will discover your level of Italian and have a fun lesson.

Online lessons

Italian Routes allows you to organise lessons at a time that is convenient for you from the comfort of your home or office. You can plan a personalised course with your teacher according to your interests and needs.

Start by booking a 45 minute free trial lesson to get to know your teacher, the method, and check your level of Italian. A lesson is 60 minutes and resembles a one-on-one private lesson, in which you see and talk to the teacher and write down information. Writing exercises and grammatical exercises will be given and checked by e-mails.

As well as allowing plenty of time for conversation, the teacher will also explain new vocabulary, grammatical points, cultural habits and social linguistic forms. Therefore, this type of lesson is suitable for everyone, even total beginners. At the same time, we offer lessons for professionals who would like to enhance their language skills, improve their spoken performance, and prepare written presentations for work purposes.

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Intensive study weeks with your teacher

The Intensive Study Weeks are an excellent solution to those willing to come to Italy and study Italian while experiencing the cultural and social life in Rome with a personal tutor. Lessons are held at your teacher’s house in the central and historical area of Esquilino. You will quickly boost your Italian not only thanks to the hours of study but also because you will fully live the daily Roman life. Going grocery shopping at amazing and ancient delicatenesse shops, sightseeing, eating out and strolling along famous streets will make your experience of learning Italian unforgettable. Find out details about our courses:

Per-corsi in Città

Per-corsi in Salotto

Per-corsi Acque

Per-corsi Radici


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