Italian Routes

Italian Routes offers specialised and qualified language services for the learning and the promotion of Italian.

Personalised Italian Courses

Personalised Italian Language Courses, On-line lessons, Group and one-to-one lessons. Thematic Courses (Art – History – Literature – Cooking&Food). Intensive Study Weeks in Rome. Preparation to the Celi and Cils exams.


Italian Routes´workshops utilize drama, music and visual arts in order to practice and investigate the Italian Language. The language learning happens through emocional and collaborative experiences.

Translation Service

Translation Services of article, thesis, literary texts, training material from English and Spanish to Italian. Associate Member of AITI (Associazione Italiana Interpreti e Traduttori).

Follow Italian Routes

albero-Ma qual è la pietra che sostiene il ponte? chiede Kublai Kan.
-Il ponte non è sostenuto da questa o quella pietra, risponde Marco,
-ma dalla linea dell’arco che esse formano.
Kublai Kan rimane silenzioso, riflettendo.
Poi soggiunge: -Perché mi parli delle pietre?
È solo dell’arco che mi importa.
Polo risponde: -Senza pietre non c’è arco.

Italo Calvino, Le città invisibili

Why Italian Routes

Playing on the English pronunciation of the words routes and roots we wanted to highlight the two-sided nature of languages. We believe in Gramsci’ s definition: “language is a continuous process of metaphor…[…] it is at the same time a living thing and a museum of fossils of life and civilisations.”

Therefore, on one hand it is strongly rooted in century of history and places, and on the other hand it is in a continuous process of transformation.

Italian Routes aims to promote language services which offer different ways to understand and investigate the geography, the politics, the philosophy and the history.